Vanilla Planifolia
#2 Creating my own logo using 3in1 concept.
a)’N’ represent my name ‘N’ina, b)Symbolic: Number ‘2’ (typeface: San serif, Font face: Century Gothic, text typography, descriptive mark) ‘2’ present for better improvement as my strength (2+2=4)
c)Symbolic: A leaf. Its represent that i really love floral so much & ‘think different’ as my strength. A different type of leaf refer to every single things that i think.

I also creating my own file holder. Complete set for #corporateidentity
#1 Because I’m not good enough and I don’t know how to do, I frequently ask to the lecturer, my ideas always being rejected and i re-try over and over again without give up.hmm It’s not only about plagiarizing the work of others, less effort, do nothing and talking shit at the back. Eventhough this is still not good enough, i satisfied. #corporateidentity
some people create

Sometimes people create a little argument/conflict/fights/contention because they want an attention. They will not pick randomly a person to argue with but they will choose the person and maybe he/she is a special one to them. I repeat, some people may create all of those situation above because they want to feel and understand what type of person they choose (its more like to know each other very well and try to feel what others feel.) But they think, everything that could be a topic of argument is the things that they not satisfied, bla bla bla and so on. It’s not instead of just simply releasing an anger. It’s not actually. Please, think more deeply…please.

Alhamdulillah, done submit this artwork to Dr.Izmier. I chose my own things to drawn, thats why things like this be my setting hihi. I’m feel extremely happy for the first try used acrylic colour on canvas :D and i did it! #fineartstudent #usmpenang #acrylic #canvas #nextassignmentdpttadi #nangis #hahaha
Printmaking: Final touch-up for engraving process. Konon-konon yg diukir itu adalah lighting atas muka. Ianya dilaksanakan atas nasihat/permintaan tambahan En.Mat Desa (my lecturer) Seronok bila dapat belajar benda baru mcm ni, bukan senang nak ukir atas kayu jelutong dgn mata hidung mulut corak bagai hahaha. Gembira sebab dapat siapkan walaupun takseberapa, okay la utk first try :D #fineartstudent #printmaking #usmpenang #potrait  (at School of Art Usm)
Printmaking; Engraving process step by step using woodcut knife.  #fineartstudent #usmpenang #printmaking #potrait @
This is the first present that u gave to me. Sometimes people think that expensive present could be the best gift, but for me, as long as the gift full of meaning and had a story to tell about, it’s enough. I bet this lovely gift could be a sweet memory for us, forever. Thank you so much, Takraw
Part1#weddingprop #props #mustache #lips #2014 #diy #Doityourself #fullyhandmade #handmade  (at Putra Perdana)